Dr. Vivian Margeaux

Instrument: Voice

Origin: Dr. Margeaux’s exact age is considered information beyond the scope of privilege, but we know she hails from New Orleans. Possessing an intuitive genius for the basic machinations of the physical world, Dr. Margeaux (“Please, honey, call me Viv”) holds doctorates in both organic and inorganic chemistry, and in 2004 she earned her M.D. at NYU’s Grossman School of Medicine. She attempted careers as a plastic surgeon, a veterinarian, and an ENT, before she finally decided there is no part of any body that isn’t super gross. Ew. She settled into the freewheeling life of a socialite, and she found her remarkable singing talent after being coaxed into performing a karaoke duet with her friend Paris Hilton. The two have not spoken since.
She has secretly always been able to conjure and manipulate fire, but she does not have an explanation for how or why. She discovered this ability when in a mildly jealous argument she caused her lover to spontaneously combust. That relationship ended shortly after extinguishing the flame by pushing him out of the window of her penthouse into a dumpster full of rotten fruits and vegetables, and she has since kept this combustible power hidden except in cases of significant anger or general expediency. In other words, Viv never needs really needs a match... or a curling iron, or a thermos. Rumors on how she afforded her lavish lifestyle range from having success in wild, speculative trading to having a mysterious benefactor involved in criminal enterprises, but this source of income has recently gone dry.

Features: Luxurious hair, decked to the nines in the finest fashions, and eyes the color and demeanor of straight fire.

Interesting Fact: Rumored to be one of several secret clones of Gloria Vanderbilt. Yes, this could be a plot point that may or may not involve other Dr. Vivians with respective elemental powers and a transcendence to a Captain Planet-esque überdiva. Ultimately, there can be only one...